Volume 1 • Number 4 • Dec.



from the ESC President

Dear ESC members, dear colleagues,

I am glad to announce that our newsletter has become a very useful information

tool for motions and new developments in the ESC. I would like to see it even

more interactive with your contributions.

The period between an ESC congress and seminar may seem quiet, however,

many decisions are taken, new challenges appear, upcoming meetings are

prepared. I wish to report on a few interesting items from the current agenda:

° ESC Journal.

The editorial office of the journal was successfully transferred from

Athens to Brussels. From now on, all new manuscripts should be submitted to the

ESC Central Office. The review process is now carried out electronically and

all future authors are requested to submit articles by email

([email protected]). This significantly speeds up the whole process

from submitting to publishing a paper. Together with the recently obtained

impact factor, this further increases the value of the journal.

Another new aspect in the production of our journal is our new

publisher, Taylor & Francis. Unfortunately, as a negative consequence of

this change, our September issue was substantially delayed. We are however

assured by the publisher that the future co-operation will go smoothly.

° Congress in Istanbul 2006.

Currently, it is the right time to contribute significantly to the

structure and general content of the scientific programme. Are you aware of an

interesting and/or new topic or have you attended a brilliant lecture which

should not be omitted during our congress? Please send your suggestions to the

Central office! All proposals will be carefully discussed by the Scientific


° ESC website.

Following the recent congress in Edinburgh, all abstracts are available,

as well as many reports from meet the expert sessions and workshops (


-> go to ‘Reports and evaluation’).

I wish you the ability to successfully defend, in this hectic life, your

private time during Christmas Eve.

Sincerely yours, David Cibula

Contribution to this newsletter

Poland: from abortion to contraception…

and back

by Medard M. Lech


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