Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Review

In the United States, many jobs, especially those in areas like transportation and pre-employment screenings, require urine drug tests to ensure safety and adherence to workplace policies. However, for people who use drugs regularly, passing these tests can be a tough challenge. This is where Pure Stream Synthetic Urine comes into play. It’s a product designed to act like real urine in drug tests, providing a potential solution for those who face difficulties due to their drug use.

Pure Stream is made from different ingredients, mimicking the natural chemicals found in urine. The article goes on to explain the product’s composition, how it works, and offers guidance on its usage. Additionally, it suggests considering alternatives for better effectiveness and ease of use. For more detailed information about whether labs can detect Synthetic Urine, you can visit https://www.intact-network.net/can-labs-detect-synthetic-urine

How Does Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Stand out?

Pure Stream Synthetic Urine stands out as a product designed to help individuals pass drug tests by mimicking real human urine. It comes in a convenient container that can be carried easily and has a chemical makeup similar to natural urine. This product contains all-natural ingredients, making it appear authentic right out of the container. The composition of Pure Stream includes essential elements like urea, uric acid, and creatinine, ensuring it closely resembles real urine.

The complex recipe also incorporates salts, artificial coloring agents, and chemicals to imitate the pH balance found in natural urine. However, while Pure Stream claims to match the pH, creatine level, specific gravity, and urea content of real urine, it falls short in terms of texture, which might lead to detection during a urinalysis drug test. To use Pure Stream effectively, specific instructions must be followed, including maintaining the correct temperature and pouring the accurate amount.

How to Pass Urine Drug test with Pure Stream Synthetic Urine

To successfully pass a urine drug test using Pure Stream Synthetic Urine, follow these detailed instructions:

  1. Microwave Pure: Open the Pure Stream Synthetic Urine bottle and microwave it for approximately 10 seconds. This crucial step helps achieve the desired temperature for a convincing sample.
  2. Maintain Temperature Range: It is vital to maintain the Ultra-Pure temperature between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit when submitting your sample. The correct temperature is essential for passing the drug test.
  3. Close and Shake: After heating, tightly close the top of the Pure Stream Synthetic Urine bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure uniformity in temperature and composition.
  4. Check Temperature Strip: Verify the temperature by checking the temperature strip on the bottle. Ensure it falls within the specified range to mimic natural urine accurately.
  5. Attach Hand Warmer: Utilize the hand warmer provided by attaching it to the Ultra-Pure bottle with the included rubber band. This step is crucial for maintaining the synthetic urine’s temperature for at least 6 hours.
  6. Pour into Collection Cup: When ready to submit the sample, pour the Ultra-Pure into the urine collection cup. Pour slightly less than the entire bottle to avoid providing exactly 3 ounces of urine.

Following these step-by-step instructions ensures that Pure Stream Synthetic Urine closely replicates natural urine, increasing the likelihood of passing the drug test.

The heating process is pivotal in this method:

  • Microwave for 10 Seconds: This step is essential to bring the synthetic urine to the required temperature range, closely matching that of real human urine.
  • Temperature Maintenance: Achieving and maintaining the correct temperature between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial. This prevents any suspicion during the drug test, as temperature checks are common.
  • Use of Hand Warmer: The ingenious addition of a hand warmer helps sustain the desired temperature for an extended period, providing flexibility for various testing scenarios.

Pure Stream Synthetic Urine Reviews on the Internet

Some online reviews may claim success with Pure Stream Synthetic Urine, highlighting its ability to closely mimic natural urine and its ease of use. Users might appreciate the product’s convenience, especially the easy-to-carry container and the inclusion of a hand warmer for temperature maintenance.

Where to Buy Pure Stream Synthetic Urine?

Finding Pure Stream Synthetic Urine is relatively easy, and you can purchase it online through various retailers or directly from the manufacturer’s website. You can simply Google “Pure Stream Synthetic Urine” to find online sellers or check if any local retailers in your area carry the product. When it comes to pricing, the cost of Pure Stream Synthetic Urine can vary depending on the seller, but it’s generally affordable. Some websites may offer discounts or promotions, so it’s worth exploring different options.

If you’re considering buying a whole urine drug test kit, which may include additional items beyond the synthetic urine, it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s website. Often, purchasing a kit can be more cost-effective than buying the components individually. Keep an eye out for any special offers such as free shipping, and check if the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee for their product.

Pros and Cons


  1. Chemical Composition: Pure Stream Synthetic Urine closely mimics natural urine, containing essential elements such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine.
  2. Temperature Control: The product provides a temperature strip and hand warmer for maintaining the correct temperature during a drug test.
  3. Convenience: The easy-to-carry container enhances portability, allowing users to discreetly carry the synthetic urine.
  4. Affordability: Pure Stream Synthetic Urine is generally affordable, providing a cost-effective solution for individuals facing urine drug tests.
  5. Legal Considerations: The product’s legal status may vary by state, providing users in certain locations with a potential solution for drug tests.


  1. Texture Concerns: The texture of Pure Stream Synthetic Urine may not perfectly replicate real urine, potentially posing a risk of detection during testing.
  2. State-Specific Legality: While legal in some states, the legality of synthetic urine varies, and users must be cautious to comply with local regulations.

Comparatively, alternatives like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine may offer a more natural viscosity, potentially reducing the risk of detection during a drug test. However, each product has its unique characteristics, and the choice depends on individual needs, legal considerations, and testing conditions.


Q: Can Pure Stream Synthetic Urine be detected in a drug test?

A: Pure Stream Synthetic Urine is designed to closely mimic natural urine, including its chemical composition. The success of Pure Stream in passing a drug test depends on various factors, including following instructions carefully and the sensitivity of the testing method. Users should be aware that no synthetic urine product can guarantee foolproof results.

Q: What is the right temperature for Pure Stream Synthetic Urine during a drug test?

A: Maintaining the correct temperature is crucial for the success of Pure Stream Synthetic Urine in a drug test. The synthetic urine should be within the range of 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit when submitted.

Q: Can I order Pure Stream Synthetic Urine anywhere in the United States?

A: While Pure Stream Synthetic Urine is widely available, it’s crucial to be aware that the legality of synthetic urine varies by state. Some states have regulations against possessing or using synthetic urine to deceive a drug test. Before ordering, it’s important to understand and comply with the laws in your specific state to avoid legal consequences.

Q: Is Pure Stream Synthetic Urine a one-size-fits-all solution for passing drug tests?

A: Pure Stream Synthetic Urine can be effective for some users, but its success may vary based on individual testing conditions, the quality of the product, and other factors. Some users may find alternatives more suitable. It’s recommended to thoroughly research and consider user reviews before making a decision.

Q: Does Pure Stream Synthetic Urine have a money-back guarantee?

A: The availability of a money-back guarantee depends on the seller or manufacturer. It’s advisable to check the terms and conditions of the purchase to determine if there is a guarantee or return policy in case the product does not meet expectations.

What Additional Products Can be Used with Pure Stream Synthetic Urine?

In addition to Pure Stream Synthetic Urine, several products can enhance the chances of success when facing a urine drug test. Heating pads or hand warmers play a crucial role in maintaining the synthetic urine at the correct temperature during the test, ensuring it closely resembles natural urine. Some users find special belts designed to discreetly carry and keep the synthetic urine warm helpful in various testing scenarios.

Additionally, there are comprehensive fake urine kits available that include all the necessary components for a successful substitution. These kits often contain synthetic urine, a container, a temperature strip, and a heating element. To use these products effectively, individuals must follow the provided instructions meticulously.

Pure Stream Synthetic VS Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

When considering synthetic urine options, two popular choices are Pure Stream Synthetic Urine and Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. To help you decide which one might be the better fit, let’s compare some key features in a table.


Pure Stream Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Chemical Composition

Matches natural urine closely, includes urea, uric acid, creatinine

Designed to replicate natural urine components, contains urea and uric acid

Temperature Maintenance

Requires microwaving and a hand warmer for temperature control

Comes with a heat activator powder for temperature regulation

Ease of Use

Instructions may involve multiple steps, including microwaving and shaking

Simple heating process using the heat activator powder, relatively straightforward


Not as thick as real urine, potential risk of detection

Designed to mimic the viscosity of natural urine, minimizing the risk of detection


Legal in some states, illegal in others – important to check local regulations

Legal in many states, but users should be aware of state-specific laws


In conclusion, Pure Stream Synthetic Urine is a product designed to assist individuals facing urine drug tests by closely replicating the characteristics of natural urine. Its chemical composition, including urea, uric acid, and creatinine, aims to mimic the essential elements of real urine.  Advantages of Pure Stream include its easy-to-carry container, affordability, and the inclusion of a hand warmer for temperature maintenance. However, it’s crucial to note that individual experiences may vary, and the product’s effectiveness can be influenced by factors such as testing conditions and the quality of the product.

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