Expert Groups



Expert groups were established to search for new developments in certain areas. They are responsible for preparing a progress report in their field annually, which is published in our journal or on the website.


Currently established groups:


Expert Group on Sexual and reproductive health and education
- Olga Loeber (The Netherlands)  coordinator
- Dan Apter (Finland)
- Gunta Lazdane (WHO)
- Bojana Pinter (Slovenia)
- Simone Reuter (United Kingdom)
- Sanderijn van der Doef (The Netherlands)
Expert Group on STI
- Brigitte Frey Tirri (Switzerland) coordinator
- Paddy Horner (United Kingdom)
- Jorma Paavonen (Finland) 
- Blagovest Pehlivanov (Bulgaria)
- Babil Stray - Pedersen (Norway)
- Chris Wilkinson (United Kingdom)
Expert Group on Abortion
- Kristina Gemzell (Sweden) coordinator
- Elisabeth Aubény (France)
- Christian Fiala (Austria)
- Kate Guthrie (United Kingdom)
- Alenka Pretnar Darovec (Slovenia)
- Ann Verougstraete (Belgium) 
Expert Group on Hormonal contraception
- David Serfaty (France) coordinator
- Jean-Jacques Amy (Belgium)
- David Cibula (Czech Rep)
- Régine Sitruk - Ware (USA)
- Sven Skouby (Denmark)
Expert Group on Non-hormonal methods of contraception
- Istvan Batar (Hungary) coordinator
- Rob Beerthuizen (The Netherlands)
- Susan Brechin (United Kingdom)
- Günther Freundl (Germany)
- Claire McNicholas (Ireland)
- Irving Sivin (USA)


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