Sexual behaviour and use of contraception among adolescents in Sweden

Sexual behaviour and use of contraception among adolescents in Sweden

T. Tydén (1,2), U. Hanson (1), E. Häggström-Nordin (1,3)

Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University, Uppsala,

Sweden (1); Centre of Clinical Research, Central Hospital Västeräs, Uppsala

University, Västeräs, Sweden (2); Department of Public Health and Caring

Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden (3)

Aim: To investigate sexual behaviour among high school students in

Sweden and to study if pornography has any influences on their sexual behaviour.

Method: A cross sectional survey. 718 students, from 47 high school

classes in a medium-sized Swedish city, participated.

Results: The mean age was 18 years. Three-quarters of the sample had

had sexual intercourse, the median age at first sexual intercourse was 16.0

years and 71% reported contraceptive use at first intercourse. More males (98%)

than females (72%), had ever consumed pornography and Internet and TV were the

most commonly reported sources. More ‘high consumers’ than ‘low consumers’ got

sexually aroused by, fantasised about, or tried to perform acts seen in a

pornographic film (p<0.001). Anal intercourse was reported by 16%, with infrequent condom use (39%). Among those who had had anal intercourse, a difference between genders was found regarding the personal experience of this practice, 53% (n=27) of the females reporting it to be mostly negative compared to 5.8% (n=3) of the males. When asked if they would consider doing it again, 83% (n=43) of the males but 42% (n=21) of the females answered yes (p=0.015).

Conclusion: Three out of four adolescents used contraception at their

very first intercourse. Pornography seems to influence the sexual behaviour

among adolescents. High consumption of pornography was found among males and

negative experience of sexual practices inspired by pornography among females.

This warrants further research with a gender perspective. Condoms were

infrequently used at anal sex, a fact that has implications for the spread of


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