Survey: TOP’s in foreign immigrant population in Ginetec

Survey: TOP’s in foreign immigrant population in Ginetec 

C. Morin, D. Sonia 

Barnamedic, Barcelona, Spain 

We have noted, in our clinic Institute Ginetec, an increase in the number of foreign patients who call in for a termination of

pregnancy. We initiated a prospective survey from May 2003 to the end of February 2004 in order to become acquainted with

those women’s social profile. A total of 960 TOP were performed to foreign women and the focus was on:- country of origin,

reason why they came to Spain, length of their stay,academic level, occupational situation abroad (country of origin), occupational

situation in Spain, legal situation, whether they have or are, residence permit, work permit, Social Security tax-payers,

number of children, date of their last delivery, are their children living here?, number of TOPs, date of their last TOP, usual

contraception method, current contraception method, following contraception method. 

Conclusions: type of women: South American, Ecuatorian, went to Catalonia looking for a job, illegally the majority, less than

5 years ago. They speak Spanish and their group-age is 21–25.

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