The Mirena intrauterine system and user acceptability

The Mirena intrauterine system and user acceptability

J. Bowie, S. Ward

Family Planning Service, South Downs Health NHS Trust, Brighton, UK

Introduction: The Mirena Intrauterine System (IUS) provides excellent

contraception with high user acceptability. While the initial cost is expensive

in comparison with other methods, retention rates lower long-term costs and

effective counselling increases retention rates.

Objectives: To test the hypothesis that method acceptability of women

users of the IUS within Morley Street Community Family Planning Service is high

and that effective pre-IUS counselling increases the understanding of side

effects, user acceptability and retention rates.

Design and Method: A self completion questionnaire was sent to all 356

users of the method over the period December 2003 to January 2004.

Results: 152 users responded. A high level of satisfaction was evident

among users, many of whom indicated they would have a further IUS fitted after

the 5 year period or would recommend the method to friends.

Conclusion: Results indicated that the majority of users were highly

satisfied with the method. The IUS is a highly acceptable method, providing

excellent contraceptive cover as well as additional non-contraceptive benefits

to the user. It should be more widely available and strategies used to encourage

its use in vulnerable groups.

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