Implanon: our three year experience

Implanon: our three year experience

D. Sobral, F. Palma, E. Delgado, A. I. Machado, F. Aleixo, J. Lemos, L. Moniz

Department of Gynaecology, Maternidade Dr. Alfredo da Costa, Lisbon,


Objective: To assess the acceptability, efficacy and safety of

Implanon since its release in Portugal in 2001.

Method: We followed every woman that attended our out- patient clinic

that chose this contraceptive method.

Results: Most women had no information about this method prior to the

consultation. Bleeding irregularities were the most commonly reported side-

effect followed by weight gain, moods and headaches. The wish for pregnancy led

to the majority of removal requests.

Conclusion: Implanon is well tolerated when the patient is

well-informed prior its insertion. This method had excellent, reversible

contraceptive efficacy.

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