Mechanical contraceptive methods and their complications in Iran 

Mechanical contraceptive methods and their complications in Iran 

F. Hejazi,

F. Ramezani Tehrani, M. Rostami Dovom, N. Paykari 

NRCRH, Deputy of Research

& Technology, MOHME, Tehran, Iran 

Objectives: One of the priorities in

research in developing countries is detecting of not using of modern

contraception in some couples. One reason for not wing of contraception is

incomplete information about it .we decided to plan a project to detecting rate

of use of IUD and condom, their complication in users, women information about

it and their complication and correct use. 

Material and methods: This project

was a descriptive – cross sectional study which conducted in boushehr,

golestan and kordestan provinces and Islamshahr city in Tehran. By using

systematic random sampling method. 200 clusters which contain of 20 family were

choosed and with married women aged 10–49 interriew as conducted. Finally 1500

eligible subject were questionaired . thrugh self completed questionaire. 

Results: 74% of subject knew IUD and 55% believed that it has complications such

as menoraggia or spotting (69/4%) recurrent pelvic infection (35/1%), back pain

(%24/2), expulsion of IUD(%17/6), dysmenorrea (%7/2),unwanted pregnancy(%18/3).

18/9 of subject used IUD as a contraceptive – for one – ten years. Their

reasons for IUD selection were low complication (%54/5), easy use (%42/4) and

effective contraception (%47). 33% of IUD users mentioned some complications

sueh ay mensturel irregularitiy %56/5, pelvic infection %36/5 , back pain %37/6,

dysmenorea %17/6. In regarding to condom, %58/2 knew it. %56/3 knew its correct

use but only %6 knew emergency contraception. %6/7 of women in this study used

condom for 18–42 monthes and none of them mentioned any complications. most of

them mentioned to low complications as a reason for using it and also easiness

of using. 

Conclusion: It is necessary to inform women who use condom about

emergency contracption for reducing of unwanted pregnancy during usage, and also

it is suggested to introduce new different varity of IUD for reduction of

menstrual complications and also providing appropriate counselling family

planning program for reduction of misconception about IUD.

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