Health personnel improvement for STI/AIDS prevention program

Health personnel improvement for STI/AIDS prevention program

S.H. Djalalinia, M. Simbar, N. Peikari, M. Rostami Dovom

NRCRH, Department of Research & Technology, MOHME, Tehran, Iran

Objective: This study aimed to decrease community high-risk behaviours

via health personnel improvement for STI/AIDS prevention program. It was

designed to implement special training course on communication, health education

and counselling for health network staff who cooperate with regard to STI/AIDS.

The topics of their training programme were: Communication, Counselling. Harm

reduction, Out reach programmes, Resource mobilization, Mass media campaign.

Results: Based on the outcome of this three-stage training workshop.

These suggests are recommended based on the out time .the training piagre. 1-

Interaction with the local communities and health personnel should be more

focused 2- Seminar/awareness workshop for health personnel and stakeholders

should be organized and appropriate IEC material should be prepared and

delivered to them. 3- Personnel contacts and networking should be established to

intervene like-minded people in the community to involve them for community

mobilization on STI/AIDS prevention programme.

Conclusions: Success of STI/AIDS prevention programmes must be

conducted through the balanced partnership of community, health staff and

governmental support. For this aim health personnel improvement should be

considered as an important vital.

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