Monitoring the practice standard review efficiency

Monitoring the practice standard review efficiency

O. Casian-Botez, L. Coca, A. Adascalitei, G. Sovaliev

‘Elena Doamna’ Women’s Wellness Center, Iasi, Romania

Objective: To prove the efficiency of the practice standard review, by

analysing the monitoring criteria for the practice standard review applied to

infertility problems treated within the WWC Iasi.

Tools and method: Between 2000–2003 we conducted periodical practice

standard reviews for various problems related to couple infertility (infertility

with ovarian causes, male infertility, artificial insemination). We maintained

the same efficiency monitoring criteria for each practice standard review we

performed. These were: number of couples who addressed our service, number of

couples with infertility from unidentified causes, number of pregnancies

following infertility treatment. Our retrospective survey emphasises a

progressive increase in the number of couples who addressed the services of the

WWC Iasi (2001, 2002,2003). A decrease by in the number of cases of infertility

from unidentified causes (from 53% to 16%). An increase by 9,27% of the number

of pregnancies resulting from infertility treatment.

Conclusions: A thoroughly controlled practice standard review is the

ideal method to ensure that medical practice is performed according to the

latest evidence base. It is essential to encourage the staff to keep up to date

with the latest evidence base in this domain. The question that remains is that

of the balance between the need for autonomy of the staff and the need to

control the practice standard reviews.

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