Moving towards patient and public involvement within a nurse-led sterilization service

Moving towards patient and public involvement within a nurse-led

sterilization service

M. Pickering, K. Guthrie

Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Partnership, Kingston upon Hull,

England, UK

Introduction: A nurse led sterilization clinic was piloted

collaboratively between Hull and East Yorkshire Women’s and Children’s

Services, Hull and East Riding Community Health Family Planning/ Community

Gynaecology and the Booked Admissions Project.

Aim: To provide a more easily accessible and specialised service which

treated sterilization as a contraceptive option amongst others within family

planning, taking into account other health benefits of reversible alternative

contraceptive options.

Design and Method: A consultant led pilot, based in a Community

Gynaecology and Family Planning Clinic, run by a family planning nurse with a

gynecological background using a care pathway. In the pilot, women who meet the

criteria for the nurse led clinic are asked to contact the booking office for an

appointment on a date to suit. They are sent written information. They are seen

by the nurse and explore all contraceptive options. If they proceed with

sterilization the patient books a bed on the day and date of choice. If an

alterative method is chosen, access to that service is arranged. A sample of

patients from the pilot and 20 from the routine service were identified.

Experiences were compared through a patient questionnaire on information given

and views of the service. Documentation in case notes was audited using RCOG


Results: Presently awaiting results of the Audit. Evaluation suggests

the service is perceived as a positive development by both staff and patients.

Conclusions: It was identified that many women were still unaware of

alternative reversible long term methods of contraception as well as risks and

efficacy of sterilization. Therefore accurate information giving on

sterilization and all contraceptive options is essential. Easy access to

alternative methods chosen is also an important part of the service.

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