First pill teach

First pill teach

K. Guthrie, L. Westoby

Hull and East Riding Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Partnership, East

Yorkshire, UK

Introduction: There are a number of widespread misconceptions around

the use of the contraceptive pill prompting the need to communicate a series of

messages, and assist in the delivery of the first pill teach.

Aims: To develop an initiative that will address the above issues, by

communicating information in a clear, unambiguous, ‘nonmedical’ way, which

will be meaningful to users, parents and professionals.

Method: The messages broadly break down into two categories:

Information communication at the point of initial prescribing; How and why the

pill works; safe use of the pill; addressing common misconceptions, for example

increase in weight. Information communicated for ongoing use of the pill such

as: What to do if you miss a pill; side effects; the effect of antibiotics; the

difference between the contraceptive pill and Emergency Contraception; awareness

of impact on pill of sickness or diarrhoea; need to protect further against STI’s.

How the Initiative Will Operate: Pill Wallet: a purpose designed

wallet, large enough to contain a strip of pills, and a mirror, which is

designed to appeal to young women. The Wallet will also contain a new leaflet.

Leaflet: a concertina folded leaflet, which fits the wallet. Content is simple

graphics and text to illustrate how the Pill works.

Information CD: ‘Get the Facts’: a supporting CD which will

feature two characters who talk through the Do’s and Don’ts of Pill Taking,

interspersing music, allowing the listener to move backwards and forward through

the CD. The above products will be used as a ‘set’, to be given to young

women under the age of twenty years during first pill teach by the professional.

These products can also be used as ‘stand alone’ products for use in family

planning/teen clinics and by young people’s workers for further clarification.

The initiative is approaching the final stage of development, and will be

launched in April and rolled out to family planning/teen clinics in Hull and the

East Riding.

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