Sexual confusion and psychological impotence

Sexual confusion and psychological impotence

M. Shuaib Ashraf, A. Fiadorchanka, A. Melnikov

Grodno State Medical University, Grodno, Belarus

Sexual happiness (well being) plays an important role in the life of men,

which determines importance of different aspects of sexual (frustration,

confusion, upset) and dyshormonisation. Different psychological disturbance not

only the basics cause of sexual confusion but also not in frequently complicate

their course. In 50,8% men were marked psychological confusion. We frequently

found men with anxious disturbance of neurotic and personality nature. Anxious

disturbance complicate course of many sexual confusion of physical nature serves

the sexual disturbance and rarely leads to severe attack of anxious (panic) or

anxious attack. Panic attack, which is a bright and dramatic appearance of panic

disturbance. It is a psycho-vegetative paroxysm and characterized by radical

paroxismality (acuteness), vegetative symptoms and emotional effectiveness.

State of panic attack may be due to disturbance of auto regulation, personal

factors and external problems (family and sexual problems). It was marked the

dependence in frequency of complaints on working condition i.e. physical and

emotional overload conflicts with colleagues. It makes difficult to help such

patients and they need complex therapy, in which medical and psychotherapeutic

treatment is different in every concrete patient. It was confirmed the relation

of panic attacks of sexual problems (in rare cases from reducing to complete

refusal). This reduced sexual interest of men was noted due to the tear of heart

attack, death or appearance of attacks. In panic attacks with sexual problem of

men are related to psychological impotence or anxious expectations in sexual

failure. It may be appearance of more deep and complex psychological problems,

which suggest and accentuate in their treatment.

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