Contraception in menopause

Contraception in menopause

Gheorman Valeriu

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Medicine and

Pharmacy, Craiova, Romania

Introduction: Contraception in premenopause is one problem little

studied in the literature of speciality. It is considered probability that the

risk of pregnancy in premenopause is low and so is not necessary the


Aims and Methods: Were studied two groups of women with age between 40

and 49 yers (in Romania the most frequent age for the beginning of menopause is

49). This study was made in the period 2002 – 2003. The first group was formed

by 109 women which refused to use none method of contraception. The second group

formed by 98 women: 61 of them used HRT for hormonal deficiency in premenopause

or for early menopause; other 37 used contraceptive methods (natural, etc.).

Results: At the first group of women which did not use any methods of

contraception in the period 2002–2003 recorded three pregnancies which were

solved by medical abortions. At the second group of women who used hormonal

therapy for any diseases or used one contraceptive method did not record any

pregnancy. Though the hormonal therapy administered was not given for

contraception we considered that this hormonal treatment had contraceptive

effect too. At this group of women observed another phenomenon. They were not

stressed by the risk of a pregnancy and this thing had as result the growth of

life quality

Conclusions: The contraception in premenopause represents an

insufficient known problem as medical point of view that social point of view.

In that problem one aspect is sure: it cannot be ignored.

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