nr. title 1st author abstract
P271 Community-based vasectomy services: from medical to holistic care K. McAllister (UK) abstract
P272 Hysteroscopic sterilisation of women in the outpatient department without any anaesthesia with the new Essure device M.P.H. Vleugels (The Netherlands) abstract
P273 Color Doppler flow analysis of uterine and ovarian arteries prior to and after tubal sterilization: electrocautery vs. Pomeroy F. Suat Dede (Turkey) abstract
P274 Changes in menstrual pattern, dysmenorrhea and ovarian function following Pomeroy’s ligation of the tubes for voluntary surgical contraception O. Akyuz (Turkey) abstract
P275 Fact, fallacies and Filshie Clips M. Filshie (UK) abstract
P276 A new method of hysteroscopic sterilization: Essure S. Moros (Spain) abstract
P277 Minilaparoscopy with local anaesthesia: an even less invasive surgery for female sterilization J.F. Garrido (Spain) abstract
P278 The evaluation of tubal reanastomosis request in the patients who were administered tubal ligation score S.C. Demir (Turkey) abstract
P279 A study to compare continuation rates between Yasmin1 and existing combined oral contraceptives in UK clinical practice D. Mansour (UK) abstract