Name and position

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and position

  • Sarah

    Randall Sarah

  • Consultant

    in Contraception and Reproductive Health in Portsmouth, on the south

    coast of England.

  • She

    has been the Clinical Director of the Ella Gordon Unit for 20 years.

  • In

    2004 she decided to have a change and is now the Medical Advisor for

    the National Chlamydia Screening Programme in England.



  • Sarah

    worked with the ESC when the conference was held in Edinburgh in 2004.

  • Vice

    Chairman of the local Organising Committee and member of the

    Scientific Committee

  • ESC

    member since 1998.


of expertise/interest

  • Sarah

    maintains links with the Faculty of Family Planning & Reproductive

    Health Care as she is the Vice Chairman of the Examination Committee

  • Member

    of the Nurses’ Working group which is looking at developing the skills

    of nurses within this specialty.

  • Special


  • contraception

  • abortion

  • STIs,

    especially chlamydia.


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