Using Drosperinon-containing contraceptive by women with hyperandrogenia.

Using Drosperinon-containing contraceptive by women with hyperandrogenia.

L. Karakhalis, O. Fedorovich, N. Kovtun

Kuban Medical University, Krasnodar, Russia

Prescription of oral contraceptives today put into the practice their

additional advantages.

Objective The aim of our study was to estimate antiandrogenic effect

of Drospirenon-containing oral contraceptive.

Materials and methods Thirty reproductive age women with clinical

manifestations of hyperandrogenia (fat skin and hair, atypical hair growth,

acne, etc) were examinated before treatment and after 6 month of using

drosperinon-containing oral contraceptive – Yarina ® (Yasmin®). We estimated

their clinical status and hormonal changes (levels of LH, FSH,

17-hydroxiprogesteron, cortisol were measured).

Results All women noted good tolerance of Yarina®, and decreasing

clinical manifestations of hyperandrogenia. We didn’t found significant changes

FSH level (4.43±0.4 mIU/ml before treatment vs. 5.39±0.4 mIU/ml after

treatment), and LH level (11.17±1.27 mIU/ml vs. 10.7±0.78 mIU/ml). Significant

decrease of cortisol level (233.9±17.1ng/ml vs. 169.3±8.5 ng/ml; p<0.005) and 17-hydroxiprogesteron level were found (1.84±0.12 ng/ml vs. 1.3±0.08 ng/ml; p<0.001).

Conclusion Antiandrogenic effect of drosperinon-containing oral

contraceptive permit to use it for therapeutic goals by hyperandrogenic women of

reproductive age.



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