Comparison of two contraceptive implants: Levonorgestrel versus Etonogestrel

Comparison of two contraceptive implants: Levonorgestrel



H Aktun, B Polat, R Neslihanoglu, I Tarhan, L Mollamahmutolu 


Tahir Burak Maternity Hospital, Ankara, Turkey 

Objective The study aimed to

assess the possible side effects and differences of Implanon and Norplant

implants, over 3 years of use. 

Methods This is a 5-year prospective randomized

study of 330 Implanon and 711 Norplant acceptors. Selected parameters were

evaluated in every 6 months. 

Results In both the implant groups, the most

frequent complaintment was irregular vaginal bleeding (73 % for implanon and

45.9 for norplant). Headache, breast hypersensitivity, hirsutismus, acne,

ovarian cysts, palpitation, hyper tension, rush and libido changes were the

other side effects. Cancellation rate was 25.7 % in implanon group, and 7.6 %

for norplant. 

Conclusion Both, Implanon and Norplant are acceptable

contraception to women in all reproductive age groups. Change in bleeding

patterns was the main cause for dissatisfaction. Providing women with detailed

information before insertion of the implant is important.

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