Contraceptive with antimineralcorticoid and antiandrogenenic activity

Contraceptive with antimineralcorticoid and antiandrogenenic


V.N. Prilepskaya and L.I. Ostreikova 

Research Center of Obstet., Gynec.

and Perinat., Moscow, Russia 

Combined oral contraceptive Yarina (Yasmin)

containing 0.03 mg ethinylestradiol and 3 mg new gestagen drospirenon is a novel

stage in hormonal contraception. Drospirenon is a derivative of

17-alpha-spironolacton and in some features is similar to it. Due to unique

antimineralcorticoid and antiandrogene effects the use of Yarina arrests eodema

in an organism and thus improves the tolerance of hormonal contraception. 

Objectives Analysis of efficacy and tolerance of oral contraceptive Yarina in

women of reproductive age. 

Materials and methods Sixty-eight women, aged 18 to 39 (mean

age 24 +/- 3.2) without any contraindications to hormonal contraception.

Follow-up period was 12 months. All patients were examined with clinical methods

and Pap-smear-test. All women were requested to keep menstrual daybook. 


At initial examination 19 patients demonstrated the symptoms of premenstrual

syndrome. Subjective and objective status of patients was assessed according to

specially elaborated questionnaire. All patients were noted to have the signs of

irritation on days 4 – 10 prior to menstrual onset, 4 had depressive status,

headaches, oedema was noted in 15 cases. No patient was registered to conceive

during contraception. Intramenstrual bleedings were found in 2 women, vomiting

in one. Decrease or elimination of premenstrual symptoms were detected in 14 out

of 15 patients. 

Conclusion Yarina is highly effective contraceptive. It is

generally well tolerated, achieving good cycle control and having beneficial

effects on acne and other skin-related conditions. There is evidence to suggest

that Yarina has a beneficial effect in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome as

well as having a positive effect on well-being and health-related quality of

life. Overall, Yarina is a promising treatment option for women requiring


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