Updating of the election criteria of the AHC

Updating of the election criteria of the AHC 

I. Ramirez, E.

López Arregui, J.L. Doval Conde 

Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of

Contraception, Madrid, Spain 

Objective In November 2005, SEC promoted an

important meeting (Conference of Consent) of the Spanish scientific community,

to update, with the criteria of medicine based on the evidence, the indications

or approaches of eligibility of hormonal contraceptives. 

Material and method

The CDC (Conference of Consent) was carried out on November 10th, 11th and 12th

in Aranjuez (Spain), gathering the country’s 85 most outstanding experts, whose

contributions and discussions were evaluated by a multidisciplinary Jury (endocrinists,

haematologists, general practitioners, cardiologists, gynaecologists and

sanitary authorities) who reported the conclusions of the event with criteria of

qualified majority (minimum consent of 75 %). 

They worked on a previous process

of documentation, carried out by medical specialists from evaluation agencies,

who revised more than 2600 scientific articles. They were selected because of

their quality according to medicine based on evidence, 750 articles on whose

base the experts’ opinions were reported. 

Result This first poster introduces

the present evidence on the criteria of eligibility of the AHO, up to date,

standing out the modifications so far on the existent consent.

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