Induced abortion and contraceptive use in 15-49 years women

Induced abortion and contraceptive use in 15-49 years women 

S. Yilmaz, E. Ege, B. Akin, Ç. Çelik 

Selçuk Üni. Konya; k Yüksekokulu, Konya, Turkey, Selçuk Unv Meram; p Fak, Konya, Turkey 

Objective The aim of this

study is to describe the reasons of induced abortion and contraception

preference of the 15-49 years old women. 

Design and methods This study has

descriptive design. The study setting is Dr. Faruk Sükan Women and Children

Hospital in Konya. One hundred and three women (15-49 yrs) who came for induced abortion to the MR

(Menstruel Regulation) Polyclinic from 11 November 2005 to 31 January 2006 and

who accepted to join the study. It has been used a questionnaire consisted of 27

questions on variables such as demographic features, the reasons of valuntery

abortion and contraception preference of women. One investigator collected the

data with face to face interwievs. Percentages were calculated and Chi-square

tests carried out. 

Results The mean age of the 103 women in the study was 32.7

(SD: 5.91, median: 32.0, mode: 30, min.18, max. 45). From the 103 women studied

85.4 % of them were literate or primary school graduates, women with 3. or more

pregnancy used abortion/MR with high frequency (94.2 %). The most frequent

reason for abortion was the number of children (47.6 %) and 59.4 % of women had

been used to coitus interruption for contraceptive method just before the


Conclusions Induced abortion is stil used as method of family

planning. Focused contraception counseling, especialy in thr post partum

setting, is important to help ensure the well-being of women and children. 

KEY WORDS Induced abortion, Contraceptive use, Women health

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