More contraception, less abortions – how to improve the situation?

More contraception, less abortions – how to improve the


A. Kapamadzija, J. Vukelic, A. Bjelica

Department of Obstetrics and

Gynecology, Clinical Center Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro

Objective The aim

of this study is to understand the reasons for poor contraception usage as well

as the great number of abortions in our country in order to try to improve the

situation and preserve women’s reproductive and gynecological health.


Data on contraception usage and number of abortions per woman were collected

from different sources for this survey. These data were analyzed and conclusions

were made.

Results The number of abortions in our country is still very high,

and it is estimated to be around 80/1000 women, 15-44 years of age. Abortion is

still our predominant method of family planning. Data from one project shows

that younger and more educated women had fewer abortions. Women older than 19

years of age do not use any methods of contraception in 52-67%. Oral hormonal

contraception use 1,8% of adolescents, students in 3,2% and grown up women only

in 2,8- 5%. When it comes to their opinion which method is the best, they will

give doubled percentages in the favor of oral contraceptives comparing to their

behavior (4%, 7% and 10% respectively). The reasons for not using these methods

are wrong beliefs – “hormones are not healthy, I’ll become fat and hairs

will grow on my body, I’ll get cancer….”.The underlying reasons are- the

lack of knowledge, and prejudices not only in users but also among health

workers, and even gynecologists. Women are not aware of possible consequences of

abortions. Numerous activities are being performed in our country in order to

improve the situation- peer education, lectures in schools held by peers and

health workers, youth friendly services and lectures for health workers

concerning modern contraception, especially low dose oral contraceptives

pointing out their noncontraceptive benefits.

Conclusion There are many

activities in Serbia with the aim of increasing the usage of modern methods of

contraception in order to lower the number of abortions and preserve

reproductive health of our women. Things are improving, but there is still much

to do. Until sexual education is well organized and introduced in our schools we

are doing our best to spread the knowledge and eliminate prejudices towards

modern methods of contraception, especially low dose oral contraceptives.

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