Do men and women have the same attitude regarding TL and vasectomy?

Do men and women have the same attitude regarding TL and


N. Peikari, F. Ramezanitehrani, F. Hejazi, S. Djalalinia

NRCRH, Deputy of

Research & Technology, MOHME, Tehran, Iran

Objective(s) Sterilization is

considered a permanent method of contraception. Differences in knowledge and

attitudes towards these methods among men and women has a great effect on their

decision and its acceptance of men and women regarding culture, religion, and

other social factors also effect on it .This study have performed to find the

difference on the knowledge , attitudes and practice of men and women regarding

permanent contraceptive methods.

Design and methods This is a community

based, cross – sectioned analytic study, conducted in 4 provinces of Iran (Golestan,

Bushehr, Kordestan and Tehran). By using systematic randomized sampling method,

200 clusters including 20 eligible families (100 urban & 100 rural

clusters), have been chosen and 1200, 10-49-year-old married women and men were

interviewed. Which UNFPA provide specific family planning counselling and

services them.

Results A total of 60.6% of men and 55.2% of women were familiar with TL,

but only vasectomy was known by 44% of men and 37% women. TL and vasectomy were

mentioned as their method in32.3% and 1.8% of couple respectively. According to

both groups’ preferable permanent contraceptive method was. TL and vasectomy was

considered as a more preferable methods among women in compare to men (38.8% Vs

15%, p=0.00 ).The most common reason for not preferring vasectomy was less men

tendency to do it and fears of its side effects on their sexual life.

Conclusion Cultural believes , religious and social variables are the most important

factors which have great effect on decision making process regarding family

planning and have to be considered for providing an appropriate F.P services.

KEY WORDS Attitude, TL, Vasectomy, Men, Women

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