Medical abortion by Mifepristone at home

E. AUBENY. French Association for Contraception (AFC), Hôpital

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contraception in Europe: accessibility and availability

Emergency contraception (EC)

has received a great deal of interest because of its potential to prevent

unwanted pregnancies after unprotected intercourse. At the moment, the

reference EC method is levonorgestrel 0.75 mg taken twice at a 12-hour interval

or 1.5 mg taken once. This levonorgestrel EC has no contra-indications, does

not require a physical exam prior to prescription, and is most effective when

taken quickly after an unprotected intercourse. This method of contraception,

which for many years was available solely in Hungary, is nowadays available

(under different brand names) all over Europe, where it is widely used, which

proves that it meets a real need. However, its delivery varies from country to

country. In some countries, levonorgestrel EC can be obtained only with a

medical prescription. In most countries in Europe, levonorgestrel EC is

available in pharmacies without a medical prescription. In two countries it is

available over the counter. In France, levonorgestrel EC can be delivered to

minors by school nurses in case of emergency and for free in pharmacies. The

dispensation of levonorgestrel EC without a medical prescription has not caused

any serious medical problems and has allowed greater use of EC without causing

a decrease in the use of regular contraception (France). Therefore, broad

access to and use of levonorgestrel EC promises to reduce the number of


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