of the Society can be all professionals; doctors and non-doctors,

effectively working within the field of contraception and Reproductive

Health Care and nationals of a European country and who have paid their

yearly subscription. 


professional wishing to become a member of the Society, must be proposed

by a regular member to the Secretary General of the EC, who is entitled to

assess that the conditions (as said previously) are met. 


from outside Europe can become associate members of the ESC. 


right and duties of ordinary members and associate members will be defined

in the Rules of Procedure of the Society. 


affiliation of other organisation is possible. The rights and duties of

these organisations will be defined in the Rules of Procedure of Society.


country may have one representative on the Board Directors, if there are five

paid up ordinary members from that country. A second member for any one country can be

elected onto the Board if there are 20 or more paid-up members from that

country. If

the Board of Directors is likely to have more than 24 members, the Executive

Committee will examine the current Statutes and Rules of Procedure and suggest

ways in which they can be changed so that the Board does not become so big

that it is no longer financially viable.

No country may have more than two elected


These members are elected by simple majority, for six years, at the General

Assembly. The members of the Board of Directors chooses from amongst its

members, by secret ballot, by simple majority, a working body called the

“Executive Committee”


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