Sex education: Is it feasible to create an ideal, universal model of sex education ?


Sex education: Is it feasible to create an ideal, universal

model of sex education ?

Véronique Le Ralle


Considering how difficult it is to answer this question, try

removing the word „sex” from the sentence.

Obviously, there is no ideal model of education. The model

depends on the social, cultural and traditional contexts. Even within the same

context, many models arise.

The observations of the very different habits of different

cultures show that the idea of an universal, ideal model in sex education is an

even greater illusion.

One of the aims of sex education work is to enable the

participants to gain a more objective view of their position as regards their

social and cultural contexts.

Experience in the field with young people in schools, in family

planning centres, or with adults of different cultures bring complementary

points of view. Many varied examples and illustrations of practical actions will

be reported.

These different actions show that genuine communication can be

achieved with all kinds of people. Information on sexual issues can be

integrated when the educational approach is based on an attitude of respect, and

the ability to create a climate of confidence.Groups are inevitably influenced

by the personal ethics of their leader. He or she must be very clear about his

or her own positions. The leader must transmit the ideal of respect for others,

denounce any kind of domination of one person over another, and work to enhance

the participants’ capacity to think for themselves.

We feel that the notion of an ideal, universal model is not a

realistic base for study, and that it should be replaced by the development of

effective and humanistic practices.”

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