Profylaxis of side effects of hormonal contracaptive magne-B6


Profylaxis of side effects of hormonal contracaptive magne-B6

V.N.Prylepskaya, N.M.Nazarova, E.A.Mezhevitinova

Research Centre of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology,

Moscow, Russia

Objectives: Study of Magne-B6 effect on adaptational

features in women during oral contraception use.

Materials and methods: 150 somatically healthy women

(18039 years old) having no contraindications to OC. Group 1 consisted of 75

women who used low-dose OC containing 30mkg ethynilestradiol and 150 mkg

desogestrel, group 2 included 75 women using Magne-B6 during 2-3 months. Along

with clinical methods of study arterial pressure and body mass were measured,

blood tests for hemostasis, blood lipid spectrum, extended colposcopy,

cytological tests, ultrasound examinations were applied.

Results: Side effect were registered in 28% (22) of women

of group 1 and in 13.3% (10) in group 2. The most frequent side effects in the

1st group were as follows: mastalgy (10.6%), mastodynia (10.6%), intramentrual

discharge (8%), anxiety (2.6%), vomiting 5.2%. Among the patients of group 2 the

most typical were intramenstrual spotting/

Conclusion: The use of modern low-dose estrogen-gestagen

contraceptives simultaneously with short-term use of Magne-B6 may contribute to

the decrease of side effect rate during the period of 3-months adaptation of OC

use thus improving its tolerance. Further investigations are needed.

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