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summary -


Workshop 4: The role of parents, school and

other organizations in the sexual education

Chair: S. Jones (Rep. of Ireland) & D. Lazaris (Greece)


Sex education is not uniform throughout Europe. It is new in

some countries (Ireland, Baltic States), more established in a country like the

French speaking part of Switzerland. The influence of church inhibits sex

education in countries like Poland and Lithuania. New immigrant people can have

special needs and may need ways of involving them in the sex education system.


Parents need more advice and support in giving sex education to

their children according to their age and needs. More resource materials needed

– websites, DVD’s, leaflets and meetings may be of use.In Switzerland where

there has been sex education for some time, parents may feel more comfortable

talking to their children.

Other organisations.

Family planning organisations support sex education programmes

in many countries.

Resources – meetings and training of health personnel.

Youth groups – ‘Youth to Youth’ education schemes.

Media – Websites – Radio – TV may be of help.


  • Better organized sex education in schools.

  • Delivered by trained teachers

  • To stand alone as a subject – not part of biology or

    religion classes.

  • Where sex education is not in a country – Parents and

    politicians should be influenced to change the situation to a more liberal


  • Parents need to be empowered, to be able to promote sex

    education at home.

  • Countries should be able to exchange ideas and resource

    materials to help each other to promote sex education

  • Through the co-operation of international organisations such

    as ESC.

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