Abstracts of the 8th ESC Congress Edinburgh 2004

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Free Communications 1: Different contraceptive methods
Free Communications 2: Special groups
Free Communications 3: Improving access to services
Free Communications 4: New developments in contraception, sexual and reproductive health
Free Communications 5: Emergency contraception – sexual behaviour
Free Communications 6: STIs – medical and ethical issues – risk communication
Free Communications 1: Different contraceptive methods    
Removal techniques for deep sub-dermal, sub-fascial & intramuscular Implanon contraceptive implants: experience of a Fertility Control Unit B.A. Gbolade (UK) Abstract
Study on the effects of a single implant containing nomegestrol acetate (Uniplant) on the hormonal profile, endometrial morphology and ultrasonographic evaluation of ovarian function  I. Barbosa (Brazil) Abstract
A new highly effective subcutaneous contraceptive injection  A. Jakimiuk (Poland) Abstract
A randomised controlled trial to determine the impact of fertility awareness education on the behaviour, knowledge and attitudes of condom users   C. Pyper (UK) Abstract
A comparison of Pearl indices and cumulative incidences for use in meta-analysis of contraception trials  P. O’Brien (UK) Abstract
Ease of insertion, contraceptive efficacy and safety of new T-shaped levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine systems – first clinical report  D. Wildemeersch (Belgium) Abstract
Living comfort at 1 year after placement of subcutaneous etonogestrel G. Donders (Belgium) Abstract
Free Communications 2: Special groups    
Contraceptive choice for young people D. Mansour (UK) Abstract
VIP – Very important persons use contraception! Evaluation of a sexual education intervention among Swedish upper secondary school students  M. Larsson (Sweden) Abstract
Use of alcohol among users of a Young People’s Sexual Health Service  P.H. McGough (UK) Abstract
Reported behavioural outcomes from RCT of a specially designed teacher-delivered sex education programme (SHARE) in Scotland: outcomes 2.5 years post-intervention  M. Henderson (UK) Abstract
Teen4.info: a qualitative study to develop and evaluate a reproductive health website developed in partnership with teenagers and young parents from Oxford and Great Yarmouth  C. Pyper (UK) Abstract
Effects of a gender-specific Health Promotion Program (‘female doctor’s lesson’) in schools  C. Klapp (Germany) Abstract
Free Communications 3: Improving access to services    
Contraceptive behaviour. A psychoanalytic point of view E.P. Spandau (Austria) Abstract
Go ask Edith : achieving a holistic approach to sexual health through Knowledge Management L. Macdonald (Australia) Abstract
A termination of pregnancy care pathway. Worth the effort?  K. Guthrie (UK) Abstract
The reproductive health needs of Somali women affected by female genital mutilation living in Manchester, United Kingdom  N. Mullin (UK)  Abstract
How good is the provision of sexual health services for young people across England?  J.M. Stephenson (UK) Abstract
Improving access to abortion services: a local model  E.J. Oloto (UK) Abstract
A collaborative clinic between contraception and sexual health services and the adult congenital heart disease clinic (best free communication!!!!) P. Rogers (UK) Abstract