Holistic approach to contraception – the role of provider

Holistic approach to contraception – the role of provider

M. Short

Dublin, Ireland

Holistic medicine is a system of health care which fosters a co-operative

relationship among all those involved from those that require the service to all

staff involved, leading towards optimal attainment of health and well being.

With internet access and a more and often better informed public, there is a

changing expectation of the role of service provision and the doctor/patient

relationship. Consumer driven reproductive health care is a feature of the late

20th century to the present day. Magazine articles encourage the latest trends

in contraceptive usage whereas media scares influence prevalence of a particular

contraceptive. In practice the interview process and treatment is tailored to

individual needs and in some cases requests but consumer behaviour (patient

behaviour) in affluent societies is not autonomous but is shaped by reference

groups and life styles. In traditional societies the approach is more


A quality service should ensure that members of staff have as much time as

possible for each client and facilities within the practice to ensure privacy,

confidentiality in comfortable surroundings in both the waiting and consulting

areas. The way is open for a new approach to medicine but time honoured

paternalistic behaviours remain substantially unchanged in the standard model of

the doctor/patient relationship. Contraception and reproductive health care

remain sensitive important social cultural and public health matters and

delivery of service must continue apace with changing societal needs.

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