An assessment of the use of Implanon® in Luton

An assessment of the use of Implanon® in Luton

A. Agrawal, C. Robinson

The Lodge, Luton, UK

Introduction: Implanon® has several advantages over other methods of

contraception including high efficacy, minimal required maintenance, and absence

of oestrogen and rapid return of fertility after discontinuation. We present

here our experience with first 106 implanon® insertions, which we performed

between January 2000 to July 2001.

Objectives: The aims of the study were to (a) study the clinical and

demographic profile of implanon1 users, (b) assess the continuation rates of

implanon® in the local population, and (c) identify the reasons for removal.

Design and Methods: This was a case note based study where the data

was transferred to a standardised pretested proforma and was analysed by simple


Results: The age range of the 106 implanon® users was15.43 years (mean

25.2yrs) and 36. 8% were nulliparous. The preinsertion weight was over 70 kg in

41% cases. Sixty seven percent clients were white Caucasian women, 17% being

Asian and 16% belonged to other ethnic groups. Thirty-three clients were either

lost to follow up or are still continuing to use implanon®. Seventy-three of

these clients had their implanon® removed. Out of these 73 cases 17 cases have

completed full 3 years period; therefore the continuation rate at 3 years was

23.2%. The continuation rate at the end of 1 year was 64.4% and at 2 years was

37%. Out of 56 cases who had removal of implanon1 before recommended 3 years

period the commonest reason was for bleeding irregularity in 22(39 %) cases, and

to plan pregnancy in 9 (16%)cases. No failure of the method was found.

Conclusions: Implanon® is a highly effective method of contraception,

which is relatively free of serious side effects. However, in our experience,

continuation rate at 3-year was only 23.2%, with irregular bleeding being the

main reason for discontinuation. Resolution of this difficulty is likely to lead

to enhanced compliance.

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