Contraception in a community of immigrants of Maresme

Contraception in a community of immigrants of Maresme

R. Diaz, R. Ros, M.L. Fernandez, C. Ortigosa, M. Pons, A. Llorens, T.

Domenech, C. Coll

Service of Women’s Sexual Health and Reproduction, Catalan Institut of

Health, Mataro, Spain

Introduction: Maresme is a traditional receptor of immigrants coming

from Senegal and Morocco and our Service is the major provider of Health for


Aims and Methods: To compare contraceptive trends in pregnant women’s

before and after the pregnancy. The data are taken from all women, from Senegal

and Morocco, visited in our centre from the 1st of January of 2003 to the 31st

December 2003.

Results: A total number of 115 women from Marocco and 40 from Senegal

where studied. When arriving to our centre 28.71% referred to be past users of a

contraceptive method (hormonal, IUD o condom) and after delivery and posterior

counselling, realized by a midwife, the rate of use has been 69.33% in women

from Morocco and 27.5% and 67.5% respectively for Senegal women.

Conclusions: When counselling about contraception by midwifes is

included in the postpartum visit, the acceptability and rate of use is very well

accepted for women and most myths can be effectively counteracted.

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