Workshop 1: Sexual education in European countries

Workshop 1: Sexual education in European


Chair: Bojana Pinter (Slovenia) & Istvan Batar (Hungary)

Ten topics on sexual education (SE) were discussed:

  1. Mission of SE? To increase Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and

    Practice (KAS, KAP) to improve sexual and reproduc- tive health.

  2. Aims of SE? To prevent unwanted pregnancies, STIs and other

    consequences, starting with building self-esteem and increasing


  3. What kind of SE is present? There are marked differences

    among European countries. Educational program ”Nine steps” from Finland

    could be interesting also for other countries. Maybe ESC can give support in

    dissemination of programs.

  4. Where could SE be performed? There was a strong agreement

    that it should start in the family and be supported by school and other


  5. Knowledge – which topics and when? Topics should be age

    specific, aiming to the rights to choose, developing self-respect…

    Incorrect messages such as “Oral sex is not sex” should also be


  6. How to address attitudes? Emotions should be addressed, also

    using well-trained peer groups. Changing attitudes at different levels (personal….

    governmental) is needed.

  7. How to improve skills and practice? With positive (give

    choices) and interactive (role plays) approach, involving psychologists,


  8. Media influence? Encourage ourselves and others to use the

    media in a more positive way.

  9. Networking? It is needed at personal, local, national and

    international level.

  10. Obstacles? Conservativism, faith groups, lack of interest in

    their children by some parents, culture, media and finance.


The following were suggested:

  1. learn from experienced countries,

  2. start the improvement within ourselves,

  3. more attention should be given to parents,

  4. “listen first – than talk”,

  5. do not coerce – give options,

  6. collaborate with media,

  7. ask ESC for support.

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