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Host venue

EICC – Edinburgh International Conference Centre. See ‘information’

Host city

Edinburgh, said the writer Robert Louis Stevenson, is what

Paris ought to be. Its magnificent architecture shifts from the lofty buildings

of its medieval Old Town, as they tumble down the spine of the Royal Mile, to

the grace of the Georgian New Town. Above it all, in its towering splendour,

stands the Castle.

Edinburgh is renowned the world over for its rich history

spanning several centuries and for its diverse culture. Known as the Centre of

the Enlightenment, Edinburgh has given birth to innumerable inventors and great

thinkers. Great Surgeons have trained in the city at the Royal College of

Surgeons, one of the oldest medical establishments in the world. Edinburgh has

also been its fair share of literary greats.

Edinburgh – the official Seat of the new Scottish Parliament

– is a compact city, a bustling city, above all a city which rewards every


Finally, let’s mention that Edinburgh is also called ‘the

walking city’ with many of the sites within easy walking distance.

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Banks are generally open from 09.30 until

around 15.30 or 17.00.

Banks in Edinburgh:

  • Abbey National, 2-4 Shandwick


  • Alliance & Leicester, 136

    Princes Street

  • Clydesdale, 50 Lothian Road

  • Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS),

    20-22 Shandwick Place

  • Lloyds TSB, 26 West Maitland


  • Royal Bank of Scotland, 142-144

    Princes Street



There are five car parks all within two to five minutes’

walking distance from the EICC.

If you intend to stay for a longer period, we suggest you try

the off street car parks (>>>map

of off-street car parks)

For more details on parking near the EICC click



Edinburgh has a reputation for being a wet city; grey and

misty much of the time. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year but

June and July cab produce days of endless sunshine. Despite being in the North

of the United Kingdom, the temperatures rise steadily throughout the year to a

high of approximately 19 degrees Celsius in July.


Pound Sterling (GBP) 1 = 100 pence.

As the UK is not participating in the Euro, many of the shops

and services are unable to accept it. Please note that it is therefore highly

recommended to bring Pounds Sterling before your visit to Edinburgh, to cover

costs such as taxi journeys and other small purchases.

Euros will generally not be exchanged by local banks, only in

currency exchange offices which cab be found at Edinburgh airport (international

currency exchange offices open from 0600 until 2200) as well as in the city


  • Bureau de Change, Tourist Information Centre, 3 Princes


  • American Express, 139, Princes Street

  • Exchange International, Unit 2a Waverley Station

  • X Change, 207 High Street

All the major credit cards are widely accepted in hotels,

restaurants and larger shops, but not for taxi fares and small purchases.



Tap water is safe to drink in Edinburgh.


Voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz. It is recommended to bring a UK flat

three pin adaptor!


The Organising Committee cannot accept any liability.

Participants should make their own arrangements with respect to health and

travel insurance.


The official language of the Congress is English. Further

information on simultaneous translation will follow on this page before the end

of  February 2004.



The City is served by over 200 local bus services using over

800 buses which call at 2.000 stops. There are also 7 railway stations within

the City area.


Local Time: 0 hours from GMT; 5 hours from Eastern Standard

Time & 8 hours from Pacific Standard Time.



EU citizens do not require a special visa to enter. A valid

passport is sufficient.

Participants from outside the EU are advised to check the

requirements at the nearest UK Embassy or Consulate in their country or with

their travel agent. The Congress Secretariat will assist participants with

invitation letters if all necessary information is forwarded at least three

months in advance.


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