Evaluation of outcome of cohort of attenders in a termination of pregnancy clinic

Evaluation of outcome of cohort of attenders in a termination

of pregnancy clinic

O. Jones, D. Mansour

Graingerville Family Planning Clinic, Newcastle General

Hospital, Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Introduction: Reducing repeat termination rates by more

effective contraception selection and use is a continuing goal in termination of

pregnancy clinics. Previous data regarding rates of repeat termination date from

the 1970’s and 1980’s. In view of changes in number and availability of

contraceptive options, recent data may be helpful to assess effectiveness of

current contraception services.

Aims and Methods: A cohort of attenders at outpatient

termination of pregnancy assessment clinic was identified from Jan-Mar 1999.

Patient records were located and anonymised demographic data, gestation,

procedure, method of contraception and repeat attendance at the same hospital

for termination was collated. Data collation occurred from September 2003

allowing a follow-up period of at least 4 years.

Results: 305 patient records were identified, 237 (77.7%)

had procedure and did not reattend. 36 (11.8%) had procedure and returned for at

least one repeat termination. 10 patients attended for assessment and failed to

attend for procedure. 5 of these were rereferred in a subsequent pregnancy for

termination in the follow-up period. 22 notes not included for a variety of

reasons. Contraception choices before termination included 74(27.1%) having

unprotected intercourse, 135 (49.5%) using condoms, 44(16.1%) using COC. Post

termination choices included 133(48.7%) using COC, 74 (27.1%) using Depo-Provera,

29(10.6%) with IUD/IUS, 12 (4.4%) using POP.

Conclusion: 11.8% of patients returned for at least one

further termination of pregnancy at the same hospital in the follow up period.

50% of those who fail to attend at time of procedure re-present in a subsequent

pregnancy requesting termination. The majority of patients 248 (91%) left the

hospital with a choice of POP/COC/IUD/IUS or Depo-Provera for ongoing


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