Outline of ESC Workshop, Saturday 13/9/03, 11:00-12:15

Outline of ESC Workshop, Saturday

13/9/03, 11:00-12:15:

Why do some people not use

effective contraception?


K. Petersen (Denmark) – L. Bencsik (Hungary)


workshop will focus on the fact that the abortion rate in most countries remain

high despite the fact that effective contraceptives are available. The workshop

will discuss if this is due to

1) lack of knowledge

2) side effects of the contraceptive methods

3) the price and availability of the methods.


it will be discussed how we can identify those individuals who migth be at

special risk of not using effective contraceptive methods and how we possibly

can improve the situation..

The workshop will be opened by the chaimen giving examples on these issues

hoping to stimulate a lively discussion !





R. Petersen

Consultant, Dr. Sci.

Odense University Hospital

5000 Odense, Denmark

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