Abstracts of the 9th Congress of the European Society of Contraception


"Improving life quality through contraception and reproductive health care" 


1. Hormonal contraception for men
2. Medical abortion
3. Pharmacokinetics of hormones
4. Attitudes to contraception
5. Considerations in adolescence
6. Good clinical practice
7. Sexual life

1. Hormonal contraception for men                  Presentation Abstracts

Chair: C. Unlu (Turkey) Co chair: I. Batar (Hungary)

Past and future  R. Sitruk-Ware (USA) handout Abstract
Limitations  E. Nieschlag (Germany) Abstract
Acceptability for men and women  R. Anderson (UK) handout Abstract

2. Medical abortion      

Chair: E. Ertungealp (Turkey) Co chair: I. Savelieva (Russia)

Up to what gestational age?  K. Gemzell (Sweden) Abstract
Procedure option  C. Fiala (Austria) Abstract
Home use  E. Aubény (France) powerpoint Abstract

3. Pharmacokinetics of hormones      

Chair: P. Martinez (Spain) Co chair: N. Askar (Turkey)

Routes of administration  S. Skouby (Denmark) Abstract
Clinical effectiveness C. Jamin (France) handout Abstract
Interactions  B. Tiras (Turkey)

4. Attitudes to contraception      

Chair: T. Sener (Turkey) Co chair: A. Yeshaya (Israel)

Religion and traditions  B. Dilbaz (Turkey) Abstract
Media issues, educational framework  D.Apter (Finland)
Educational and legal framework  G. Lazdane (WHO) handout Abstract

5. Considerations in adolescence      

Chair: G. Creatsas (Greece) Co chair: S.D. Cengiz (Turkey)

Bone metabolism  J.J. Amy (Belgium) handout Abstract
Suggested methods  D. Apter (Finland) Abstract
Counselling  L.Ruusuvaara (Finland) powerpoint

6. Good clinical practice      

Chair: R. Gursoy (Turkey) Co chair: V. Bruni (Italy)

Identification of evidence  P. Hannaford (UK) powerpoint
Need for harmonisation  H. Satiroglu (Turkey) Abstract
How to prescribe   I. Lete ( Spain) powerpoint Abstract

7. Sexual life      

Chair: A. Verougstraete (Belgium) Co chair: A. Coskun (Turkey)

Mood and libido  A. Graziottin (Italy)
Differences between men and women in the sexual response system: the clinical consequences for management of arousal disorders R. van Lunsen (The Netherlands) Abstract
Relational aspects  A. Vansteenwegen (Belgium) handout Abstract