poster session 17



nr. title 1st


P240 Practice and attitudes towards contraception among adolescents

A. Kapamadzija (Serbia & Montenegro) abstract
P241 Learning about contraception: teenagers talk about the utility of school sex education and other

information sources

K. Buston (UK) abstract
P242 The effect of peer group education in reproductive health among university students (in Iran)

N. Peikari (Iran) abstract
P243 Young people’s use of the Internet to find health information. A systematic review of the literature

G. Stephen (UK) abstract
P245 Audit of sexual and reproductive health care provided to HIV positive women within an integrated

sexual health service

F. Hawkins (UK) abstract
P246 Promotion of adolescent reproductive health in Serbia

G. Rajin (Serbia & Montenegro) abstract
P247 Contraceptive methods used by sexually active adolescents attending Department of Obstetrics and

Gynaecology of the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw, Poland

A. Pawowska (Poland) abstract
P249 Consistency, complexity or chaos: a qualitative study of young women’s patterns of contraceptive use

L. Williamson (UK) abstract
P250 Acceptability of NuvaRing in young women

M. Nap (The Netherlands) abstract
P251 Oral contraceptive compliance in adolescents and young women

N. Sikanic Dugic (Croatia) abstract
P252 Creating a healthy respect

D. Milne (UK) abstract
P253 Sexual behavior between Greek adolescents

E. Deligeoroglou (Greece) abstract
P254 Pregnancy and abortion rates in Greek adolescent health clinics

E. Deligeoroglou (Greece) abstract
P255 Observational study of contraception methods used by adolescents age 11–20

C. Neagu (Romania) abstract
P256 Developing a young person’s leaflet for general practices

F.H. Donaldson (UK) abstract
P257 Prevention of unwanted pregnancies among adolescent girls in Bulgaria – our experience with

low-dose oral contraceptive Novynette

S. Tanchev (Bulgaria) abstract
P258 Sexual life aspects and contraception in Greek adolescents

S. Sifakis (Greece) abstract
P259 What influences young people’s contraceptive choice?

R. E. Say (UK) abstract
P260 Sex and young people in Glasgow: audit of under–16 reporting in a Young People’s Sexual Health


P. McGough (UK) abstract
P261 What do clients of a young people’s sexual health service recall about their sex education programme

at school?

C. Black (UK) abstract
P262 OC in therapy of dysfunctional uterine bleeding in adolescent girls

N.M. Pasman (Russia) abstract
P263 Benefits of oral contraception in late reproductive age and in perimenopausal period

N.M. Pasman (Russia) abstract
P264 Contraception in menopause

Gheorman Valeriu (Romania) abstract
P265 Menstrual disorders in early puberty in girls 14–17 years

L. Fathizadeh (Iran) abstract
P266 A descriptive study of the university students about their knowledge on reproductive health and

assessment of their needs

A.N. Özaydın Gülersoy (Turkey) abstract
P267 A model: which factors affect the use of contraceptive method of husbands in Turkey? A.N. Özaydın Gülersoy (Turkey) abstract
P268 Does place of birth have an effect on the contraceptive use?

S. Ozalp (Turkey) abstract
P269 Evaluation of sexual behaviors and use of contraceptive methods among teenagers and young adults

from Silesian Region in Poland

V. Skrzypulec (Poland) abstract
P270 A comparative study on knowledge, attitude and practice of adolescents in two different methods of

counseling (counseling through parents & teachers) in Tehran, Iran

N. Peikari (Iran) abstract

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