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Long term tolerability of very low-dosed combined oral

contraception containing 20 µg of Ethinylestradiol and 75 µg of


D. Dri·k, J. Zmrhal (Czech Republic)
Endometrial spiral and chronic diseases of female sexual organs
V.V. Podolsky, V.A. Dronova (Ukraine)
Are postcoital IUD insertions at increased risk of

insertion-related complications

M.A. Farmer (United Kingdom)

Setting up an education unit within an family planning service – Pros

and Cons

P. Blencowe (United Kingdom)

The gynefix intrauterine

contraceptive implant in nulliparous women

A.D. Forti, M. Payne , B. McDonald (United


Audit of outcome following positive Chlamydia result in Community

Family Planning Clinic

R. Tolcher (United Kingdom)

Characteristics of adolescent pregnancies in two different

hospitals in the same city

S. Ozalp , M. Tanir , A. KabukÁuoglu , S. Yazan , A.E. Keskin (Turkey)

Health risks of Early (≤19) and late ( ≥35) childbearing

S. Ozalp , T. Sener , M. Tanir , S. Yazan , A.E. Keskin (Turkey)

Tuboovarian Abscess (TOA) In Intrauterine Device

(IUD) Users

M. Tanir, H. Hassa, S. Ozalp, M. Kaya, T. Oge (Turkey)

Our experiences with Mycosyst-Gyno capsule

M. Palczert, J. KerÈnyi, F. Tam·si, A. Weidner, S. Bagd·ny (Hungary)

Result of het histopathologic evaluation of tubal ligation materials 

S. Ozalp, O.T. YalÁin, A. Yildirim, M. Uray (Turkey)

The evaluation of adolescent pregnancy in Izmir obstetrics and

gynecology hospital

D. Askit Unver, G. Yukselen, M. Gunay, U. Kirca


Communication on contraception and knowledge about oral

contraception amongst Norwegian high school students

T. Hansen and F.E. Skjeldestad (Norway)

Feritility after non-complicated and complicated IUD use
G. Garmo and F.E. Skjeldestad (Norway)
Oral contraceptives and compliance among Norwegian adolescents
G. Garmo, T. ÿvreness and F.E. Skjeldestad


An open randomized trial of two

copper-IUDS, NOVA TÆ380 versus

Gyne TÆ380 Slimline: three-year results

F.E. Skjeldestad and K. Elomaa (Norway)
Availability of oral contraceptives free of charge and induced

pregnancy rates among teenagers – results from a municipality based

intervention study in Norway

F.E. Skjeldestad (Norway)
Attitudes towards contraceptive pill use in two different

populations in Thrace-Greece

G. Galazios, K. Dafopoulos, V. Liberis, N.

Koutlaki, P. Tsikouras, P.

Anastasiadis (Greece)

Cycle Control with Combiphasic Hormonal Contraception

M. Havlin, (Czech Republic)

Developing a rabbit model for progestagen only related

breakthrough bleedings

R. Ubink, J. van Rozendaal, H. van Diepen, P. Verbost (The Netherlands)

Differential approach in treatment of patients with hyperandrogenia

N.M.Pasman, T.V.Botkina, M.P.Dobrova, A.V. Dudareva (Russia)

Experience of combined abortion and laparoscopic sterilisation with

Filshie Clips

B.A. Gbolade and S. Saxena (United Kingdom)

A proposal for a European Minimum National Dataset for

Termination of Pregnancy Services

B.A. Gbolade (United Kingdom)

Clinical experience with Implanon in a Fertility Control Unit

B.A. Gbolade and S. Wong (United Kingdom)

Implanon: reducing clinic follow-up attendance default rates by

telephone appointments

B.A. Gbolade, G. Ramsden, S. Wong and E. Hasan (United Kingdom)

Adolescent contraception. Problems and solutions in a major

industrial region of post communist Ukraine

Y.S. Parashchuk and I.A. Tuchkina (Ukraine)

Contraception: The Board game
N.H. Mullin and B. Hastings-Asatourian

(United Kingdom)






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