The comparative analysis of contraceptive behaviour and
requirements of the women of various ages  
M.B. Khamoshina, L.A. Kaygorodova, L.V. Sedaya
Affect of antepartum and early postpartum family planning
counselling on contraceptive choices with regard to fertility goal

B. Dilbaz, E. Caliskan, B. Aykan, O. Akyuz, E. Giray, S. Gungor and A.
Haberal (Turkey)

Development of a novel intrauterine levonorgestrel-releasing
system for treatment and contraception: initial clinical experience
D. Janssens , D. Wildemeersch and M. Thiery
Emergency contraception for teenagers with Levonorgestrel –
Efficacy, tolerability and level of informedness
G. Kolarov, A. Dimitrov, M. Sirakov, A. Nikolov
Cycle control, side effects and satisfaction from the use of two
low and lower-dose oral contraceptives in a multicenter study
G. Kolarov, A. Dimitrov, A. Nikolov (Bulgaria)
A comparison of the cycle control, lipid metabolism and side
effects of two monophasic oral conrtceptives containing 30 an 20
micrograms ethinylestradiol and 150 micrograms desogestrel
G. Kolarov, A. Dimitrov, A. Nikolov (Bulgaria)
Contraception and treatment in the perimenopause with a novel
“frameless” intrautrine levonorgestrel-releasing drug delivery system:
an extended pilot study
D. Wildemeersch , E. Schacht , P. Wildemeersch
Interest of systematic screening for Chlamydia Trachomatis in
young women consulting for contraception

J. Orfila , J. Mention , J.M. Sueur (France)

Weight change during the use of low-dose oral
containing 20 mcg ethinyloestradiol and 75 mcg of gestodene
M.M. Lech , L. Ostrowska (Poland)
Rhogam in First Trimester Abortions: Necessity or

S. Kim, C. Westhoff, S. Brown (USA)

The reliability and efficacy of a hormone monitoring device for
fertility control

M. Guida, S. Bramante, G. Acunzo, G. Lavitola, M. Pellicano, D. Cirillo,
C. Nappi (Italy)

Family Planning Services: Yorkshire Region Pill Audit

J. Murty (United Kingdom)

A new birth control method: the FemCap

A. Shihata (USA)

A new birth control method with dual action: the FemCap

A. Shihata (USA)

Reproductive potential of girls – teenagers of now adays in Kemerovo

S.I. Elguina, G.A. Ouchakova (Russia)

Rights, Respects, Responsibility® – Plenary or Keynote

B.K. Huberman (United Kingdom)

Diyarbakir Family Health Education, Counselling and Service
Provision Project 

S. Koral , H. Satiroglu , S. Gˆsterici , H. Hassa , S. Ozalp (Turkey)

The characteristics of the patients to whom IUD was applied in
the family planning division of a university clinic in Turkey: a review of
ten years’ experience

D. Oztürk, N. Erkan, A. Gezer; E. Karamanoglu, H. Seyisoglu, F. Aksu

The evaluation of 1 year follow-up of post-abortive and interval
intrauterine device applications (totally 1685 cases)

K. Ertopcu, Z. Benli, S. Yagceken, Z. Ozenc, N. Piskin, I. Ozelmas (Turkey)

Evaluation of 100 cases who have pregnancies with intrauterine
devices and want their pregnancies to continue

K. Ertopcu, E. Undar, M. Inal, S. Tinar, I. Ozelmas (Turkey)

  Demographic analysis postabortive and interval hormonal
contraceptive method applicated cases

K. Ertopcu, G. Undar, Z. Benli, H. Unluoglu, S. Coskun, M. Inal, I.
Ozelmas (Turkey)

5 years follow-up of intrauterine devices applicated during cesarian

K. Ertopcu, H. Unluoglu, A. Donmez, O. Bicer, I. Ergin, I. Ozelmas (Turkey)

Oral contraception in 16-25 years old women (students) –
adressability, accessibiltity and choice at the National Center of Family
Planning and Contraception Bucharest Romania

C.E. Neagu, A. Constantin, V.E. Popescu, M.S. Neagu (Romania)

Male involvement in family planning and reproductive health

Z.A. Gorodnicheva, I.S. Savelieva (Russia)

Emotional Response to First Intercourse and Contraception Use
among Adolescents

G.C. Hess, M.A. Chan, and H. Denkhaus (Canada)

The incidence of sterilisation and its reversal in the United Kingdom

S. Rowlands , P. Hannaford (United Kingdom)

Effect of extra low dose OC on cycle control in adolescents

A. Korenek, M.Vyslouzil, I. Sabo, S. Liptay (Czech Republic)

Can oral contraceptives affect the olfactory sensitivity? A
prospective study on pill users

S. Caruso , C. Grillo , C. Agnello , L. Maiolino , G. Intelisano , M.
Farina , L. Di Mari , A. Serra (Italy)

A two years personal survey of implanon activity in UK

S. Gupta (United Kingdom)

Family building status, quality of care and 18 year continuation
with a Copper T380

I. Sivin , M. Pavez , A. Biswas , S. Diaz , K.J. Beebi , T. McCarthy (USA)

AIDS: Top Level Policy and Decision Makers’ Initiative in Turkey

H. Hassa , H. Satiroglu , S. Koral , T.Z. Bazer , S. Ozalp (Turkey)

Reproductive health among Italian adolescents: knowledge,
attitude practice and behaviour

S. Donati, S. Andreozzi, E. Medda, M.E. Grandolfo (Italy)

Sexual and reproductive behaviour of universities’ students: their

I.S. Savelieva, Z.A. Gorodnicheva (Russia)

A contraceptive service at an African Well Women clinic

H. Gordon, N. Morris, B. Reed, C. Francis (United Kingdom)

Patients satisfaction, side-effects and removal-rate with
Implanon® in Switzerland

S. Tschudin, A. Kang, W. Holzgreve, J. Bitzer (Switzerland)

Partner acceptability to the new contraceptive vaginal ring, NuvaRing 

F.J.M.E. Roumen , M.L. Vree (The Netherlands)

Onset and prevalence of common adverse events with NuvaRing

F.J.M.E. Roumen , M.L. Vree (The Netherlands)

Influence of user age and contraceptive history on satisfaction with

M.L. Vree, G.R. Lounsbach (The Netherlands)

User acceptability with a new method of combined contraception,

M.L. Vree, G.R. Lounsbach (The Netherlands)

Feeling NuvaRing during intercourse – a detailed analysis

M.L. Vree, G.R. Lounsbach (The Netherlands)

Is user satisfaction with NuvaRing affected by feeling the ring
during intercourse?

G.R. Lounsbach, M.L. Vree (The Netherlands)

The effect of NuvaRing on lipid metabolism and hemostasis; two
comparative studies

M. Tuppurainen , S.D. Magnùsdóttir (Iceland)

The effect of a triphasic oral contraceptive containing
desogestrel on seborrhea and acne

V.N. Prilepskaya, E.A. Mejevitinova, E.V. Gogaeva, V.V. Yaglov (Russia)

Observational evaluation of the effect of a combiphasic oral
contraceptive on cycle control and acne

L.Z. Horvath , F.C.H.M. Rutten (Hungary)

Effects of a low dose oral contraceptive on body weight in young

P.N. Krotin, L.V. Merculova, T.U. Kozhuhovskaya, N.B. Beridze, L.L.
Shakatova (Russia)

Bleeding pattern with Cerazette®: trends over time

O.J.B. de Smit (The Netherlands)

Body weight and fat distribution in women using a low-dose oral

A. Evseev (Russia)

Spanish survey on the importance of skin: perspective of
physician and woman

F.C.H.M. Rutten , A.J.G.J. Koeklink , R.H. Blades , D. Wellings (The

Effect on bleeding patterns following the use of a low dose
desogestrel-containing oral contraceptive

P. Lavin, C. Bravo (Chile)

Localization of non-palpable single-rod contraceptive implants
using ultrasound sonography

M.C.J. Kaptein , R. Ganpat (The Netherlands)

Implanon and women with high body weight

M.C.J. Kaptein, H.J. Out (The Netherlands)

The estrogen dose in the pill: how low should we go?

M.L. Vree (The Netherlands)

Contraception with etonogestrel implant: an Portuguese experience

T. Bombas, M. Tavares, G. Carvalho, T. Sousa Fernandes (Portugal)

What girls don’t want, what girls desire: a systematic approach
of sexuality education

J. Reinders (The Netherlands)

Need for Family Planning Education among high-school girls in
Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

A. Kapamadzija, J. Vulkelic, M. Pavlov-Mirkovic, Lj, Milasinovic, A.
Bjelica (Yugoslavia)

Multimodal contraception in family planning and in health
protection of women

M. Pavlov-Mirkovic, M. Bogavac (Yugoslavia)

Intrauterine device and chlamydia trachomatis infection

M. Bogavac, S. Milosevic, M. Pavlov-Mirkovic (Yugoslavia)

Contraception and the risk of chlamydia trachomatis infection

M. Bogavac M, M. Pavlov-Mirkovic, S.Milosevic (Yugoslavia)

Contraceptive expectations and attitudes among Bulgarian teenagers

T. Chernev (Bulgaria)

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