Links to sites with background information and tools for professionals

Links to sites with background information and tools for


Family Health International

of Family Health International publishes training

materials that assist program planners and those working

in clinical settings to meet and understand the specific

needs of youth. Most of them can be downloaded, for

instance a training manual for peer educators. This site

is professionally designed and administered with clear

ownership. The information states who it is designed for

and allows speakers of different languages to access the

information. Contents is referenced and draws from a

wide range of projects and reports. The site allows

access to the parent site which offers

further information on relevant topics (sometimes a bit

out of date, however). The site is easy to navigate and

should appeal to professionals working in health

promotion, educational and clinical settings,

underpinning their work with international experience

and expertise. It offers access in English, French,

Spanish, Russian and Arabic (I can’t comment on the

content in the latter 2 languages as I can’t read either

of them, but it seems to have the relevant documents in

those languages).

International Planned Parenthood Federation
ETR Associates
Swedish Association for Sexuality Education
Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland
Rutgers Nisso Group
PATH: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
The Sexual Health Network
The Emergency Contraception


The Guttmacher Institute
The Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG)


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