Links to sites with background information and tools for professionals

Links to sites with background information and tools for


Family Health International
International Planned Parenthood Federation
ETR Associates
Swedish Association for Sexuality Education
Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland
Rutgers Nisso Group Rutgers Nisso

Groep, the Dutch expert centre on sexuality, dedicates

itself to promoting sexual and reproductive health, both

in the Netherlands and in other countries. Clear,

reliable information on sexuality is important in this

respect. Rutgers Nisso Groep contributes to the

improvement of education, prevention, counselling and

policy by gathering and disseminating knowledge. The

site is professionally administered and has a clear

ownership. The information in English deals with

background information, a national survey and some

technical information. The Youthincentives

site of the

Rutgers Nisso Groep has fact sheets and downloads in French and English with

very useful tools to practice communication about

sexuality. The site can be easily navigated, though the

mother site in mainly in Dutch.

PATH: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
The Sexual Health Network
The Emergency Contraception


The Guttmacher Institute
The Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG)


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