Links to sites with background information and tools for professionals

Links to sites with background information and tools for


Family Health International
International Planned Parenthood Federation
ETR Associates
Swedish Association for Sexuality Education
Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland
Rutgers Nisso Group
PATH: Program for Appropriate Technology in


PATH is an international, non profit organization that

creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions,

enabling communities worldwide to break longstanding

cycles of poor health. Project-specific funding and

government grants currently make up 98 percent of PATH’s

operating budget. We mention here two links:

Among other activities they offer a programme on

education and training and through the link an

attractive comprehensive games book for Reproductive

Health and Sexuality (2002) can be downloaded. The

manual is in English and has a wide variety of 45 games

and instructions how to get started or make your own

games, all based on research and theory.

This is another link which is very useful. It provides

free information and training manuals on sexual and

reproductive health issues including methods of

contraception. The information can be downloaded

directly from the site.

The Sexual Health Network
The Emergency Contraception


The Guttmacher Institute
The Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG)


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